MRI Together

Global workshop on open, reproducible, and inclusive MR research

Overview and How to Access

How to access

#MRITogether happens in Gather.Town, a virtual world where you can meet others, view the posters, visit the sponsor booths, and join the sessions as an attendee, speaker, or moderator.

To access Gather.Town, go to [link to appear on 1 December], sign-up or sign-in, and enter the password that was sent to you in a separate email. Contact if you have not received the password until 4 December.

To join the sessions, head on to the “Talks” hall in Gather.Town, from where you will be redirected to the CrowdCast platform on which the live talks take place (you need to sign-up or sign-in to this platform separately when you land there). Alternatively, you can view the live stream of the sessions with auto-generated captions on YouTube


  • the YouTube stream is a one-way communication channel and you will not be able to ask questions or participate in the discussion there.
  • Chrome is the recommended browser for both platforms. Other browsers might work but may have issues.

Confused or lost on Gather.Town?

Look for the walking snowmen (a.k.a., committee members) and ask your questions.


If you are experiencing difficulties, we have prepared short tutorials to navigate you through the process.

  • Registering and joining Gather.Town (comign soon)
  • Joining a CrowdCast sessions as an attendee (coming soon)
  • Joining a CrowdCast sessions as a speaker/moderator (coming soon)

Common problems

Camera/microphone not working in Gather.Town

  1. If possible, switch to Chrome.
  2. Make sure your browser settings are correct. Instructions here.

Camera/microphone not working in CrowdCast

  1. If you are an attendee, no worries! You can watch the sessions live on YouTube instead, or you can always ask your questions in text form in the Q&A box instead.
  2. If you are a moderator or speaker, run these CrowdCast tests and if it still doesn’t work, contact your assigned committee contact as soon as possible.

I can’t access the conference

  1. Make sure that the email address that you have set in Gather.Town and CrowdCast is the same as the one that you have registered with.
  2. As a last resort, contact the committee on


Aligned with the workshop’s vision of inclusivity the registeration is free. However, we encourage senior funded researchers and PIs to register as donating attendees. Donations will go into a pot that also contains the contributions from our corporate sponsors, and will be used to support projects and initiatives in the open-science and reproducibility sphere after covering the operational costs of the meeting. The donors will be acknowledged here (from which you can decide to opt out).

By participating in #MRITogether in any form you agree to the code of conduct.

Detailed information about how to attend the workshop will be provided to the registrants closer to the date.

Call for abstracts

We are inviting abstract submissions prioritizing open, reproducible, and inclusive MR research. We also encourage submissions highlighting best practices for a completely open pipeline (from data acquisition to publication). We aim to provide a space for innovative open tools and initiatives to communicate their efforts. Also, if you have reproduced a MRI study (or have failed to do so), this is a great space to showcase that.

Submissions will not be scored, but will be evaluated on scientific integrity and relevance to the workshop. Please be sure to highlight how your abstract fits within the workshop mission and detail ethical considerations. The submitted abstracts will not be visible online. Upon acceptance, presentation format will be 3-5 min recorded videos. Videos will be also accessible on the GatherTown platform for viewing and discussions. The selected best abstracts will also get rewarded!

Mind Matching

Meet the people most important to you! MRI Together will feature a computer-assisted networking event. Participants will meet and engage in conversation with 5-6 other like-minded MRI researchers. A magical algorithm will determine who meets whom and when. If you choose to participate in this event, you will be asked to provide up to 3 abstracts that are representative of your research in the registration form (not there anymore for new registrations). Don’t miss the fun!

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Submit an abstract (until 23 Oct)