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MRI Together

Global workshop on open, reproducible, and inclusive MR research



Free registration

For technical reasons, supporter registration is now closed. But you can still register for free! If you want to support MRI Together and other similar initiatives, please consider becoming an ESMRMB member!

For our MRI community, this workshop is a first of its kind. In order to promote inclusivity and encourage reproducibility within our field, we feel strongly that participation should be accessible to all. We are therefore offering you the option to register free of charge. However, in order to host this workshop, we have minimum costs we need to cover. If you’d like to support this workshop and future similar endeavors, please consider registering as a supporting attendee or becoming an ESMRMB member.

We encourage senior, funded researchers and professors to register as supporting attendees, providing a donation such that students and fellow researchers with restricted fundings are able to enjoy the meeting free of charge. As a thank you for your contribution, we will keep a list of our supporting attendees on our website (which you can opt out from, if you wish to remain anonymous).

Note: the conference will be held through the Zoom Events platform. A Zoom account (available free of charge) is required at registration.

Want to help out in other ways?

We’ll need volunteers to help us with technical aspects,, and video editing, and we’d love to have you on board!

Fill in this form to indicate your availability!

Thank you to our supporting attendees so far!

  • Xavier Golay - London, United Kingdom
  • Sudarshan Ragunathan - Chandler, United States of America
  • Steven Sourbron - Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Paul Mullins - Bangor, United Kingdom
  • Teresa Nunes - Lisboa, Portugal
  • Andreas Berg - Vienna, Austria
  • Ferdinand Schweser - Buffalo, United States of America
  • Andreas Weng - Rimpar, Germany
  • Erling Andersen - Bergen, Norway
  • Esther Bron - Zevenbergen, Netherlands
  • Benedikt Poser - Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Houchun Hu - Dublin, Ohio, United States of America
  • Martin Meyerspeer - Wien, Austria
  • Pim Pullens - Gent, Belgium
  • Masaaki Hori - Tokyo, Japan
  • Joao Almeida e Sousa - Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Ged Ridgway - Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Andrew Webb - Leiden, Netherlands
  • Ralf Mekle - Berlin, Germany
  • Iosif Mendichovszky - Cambridge, United Kingdom