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Global workshop on open, reproducible, and inclusive MR research

Accepted abstracts

Accepted abstracts

All abstracts are copyright of their respective Authors and licensed under a CC-BY license.

  1. ClinicaDL: an open-source deep learning software for reproducible neuroimaging processing
    Thibeau-Sutre, Diaz, Hassanaly, Routier, Dormon, Colliot, Burgos

  2. Clinica: an open-source software platform for reproducible clinical neuroscience studies
    El Rifai, Diaz Melo, Hassanaly, Joulot, Routier, Thibeau-Sutre, Vaillant, Durrleman, Burgos, Colliot

  3. The Reproducibility of Intrinsic Neural Timescale Atypicality in Autism Spectral Disorder
    , Novelli, Razi, Gollo

  4. E-MaRSSim: A Python-based open-source MRI pulse sequence simulation tool
    , Božić-Iven, Coletti, Weingärtner

  5. GPU Accelerated QSM. Throw your slow CPUs out of the Window(s)
    and Milovic

  6. GDPR compliant reuse of medical data: encouraging patients to contribute to research (video)
    Warnert, Beun, Broeckx, Keil, Maumet, Oliver, Petr, Pinto Van Driessche, Wamelink, -

  7. The truth matters: A brief discussion on MVUE vs. RSS in MRI reconstruction
    Arvinte, Tamir

  8. Investigating Spiral Arterial Spin Labeling with Pulseq and Field Monitoring at 7T
    Ma, Ivanov, Huber, Kurban, Poser

  9. Evaluating the Reproducibility of STAGE Imaging: A Traveling Brain Study
    Chen, Wu, Haacke

  10. A proposed workflow for quality control and reproducible data analysis of healthcare-acquired quantitative MR using XNat
    Berks, Hubbard Cristinacce, Price, Mchugh, Tar, Dubec, Cheung, Jauregui-Osoro, Doran, O’Connor, Little

  11. Showcasing an open-science environment for rapid benchmarking of new 1H-MRS methods
    Zöllner, Barker, Edden, Oeltzchner

  12. Tailored and Universal pTx of the Human Heart at 7T: Open-source tool with 76 thoracic channel-wise 3D in-vivo B1+ datasets acquired during shallow and deep breathing
    Aigner, Dietrich, Krüger, Lutz, Schmitter

  13. Comparative Review of Algorithms and Methods for proton-density fat fraction (PDFF) quantification
    , Kober, Confort Gouny, Bernard, Rapacchi

  14. Pilot-Tone: A compact, stand-alone device for tracking and correcting patient motion in MRI exams
    Solomon, Keerthivasan, Paska, Block, Chandarana

  15. Interactive MR simulation in a browser: Flexible reimplementation of the educational Bloch Simulator