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MRI Together

Global workshop on open, reproducible, and inclusive MR research

MRITogether 2021

MRI Together 21 lives on!

It has been a fantastic journey, and we are overwhelmed by the fantastic response! More than 100 outstanding speakers, almost 900 registered attendees, a total cumulated duration of more than 50 hours of meetings and webinars, more than 36 hours of recorded talks… We hope that our journey will continue in a future MRI Together event!

In the meantime, you can enjoy the recorded talks by following the links on the program page, or by directly accessing the whole playlist and browse the accepted abstracts

MRI Together

What’s all the buzz about open science and reproducibility?

MRI Together is the first global event on Open Science and Reproducibility in MRI. It is endorsed by the ESMRMB, and it will be held online in December 2021. The meeting will consist of lectures, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops given by prominent speakers from industry and academia. Topics ranging from the statistical tools for reproducible research, to data sharing policies, and artificial intelligence will be covered.

Whether you’re a developer, a medical doctor, a researcher in basic science, or a data scientist, there’s something for you here.



MRI Together 21 lives on!

Youtube playlist of recorded talks (also accessible from the program page)

Accepted abstracts

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The dates of the workshop are December 13 to 17, 2021. We will have sessions in all time zones, and all the talks will be recorded and available offline for immediate use. No matter where you are in the world, you will have two exciting live sessions during your daytime, and lots of contents to watch at your convenience! We will also have a social platform to gather and discuss!


Prominent speakers from all over the world will present and discuss Open Science topics in relation to MRI and Reproducible Research in general. Topics will include:

  • The reproducibility crisis
  • Data sharing
  • Publishing
  • Open source tools for acquisition, reconstruction and postprocessing
  • Open Science and Open Development from a vendors’ perspective


We are a team of MRI scientists from different aspects of the MRI world with a passion for Open Science. With the support from ESMRMB this global workshop aims to bring MRI scientists together – no matter if you are a physicist, engineer, computer scientist, radiographer, or physician. If you are passionate about Open Science, join us!